Object Gallery

Uploading Multiple Files

  • Enter the edit area interface by clicking on the Newstory Create Story icon.
  • Click on the Object Gallery Object Gallery icon. A pop-up window will appear.
  • In the left pane of the pop-up window click on the "multiple" button. This changes the right pane of the window (you may need to increase the size of the window to get a complete view).
  • From here you have 3 options:
    • i. Click on Files button and browse to single file and click open (you can hold the ctrl key down to select multiple files here)
    • ii. Click on Folder button and browse to directory and click scan
    • iii. Drag and drop files or folders from Windows Explorer directly into drop zone
  • You should now have a list of files in the drop zone that you want to upload. Select where you want them upload to and click on upload.
  • If successful you will see the images, description and width and height dimensions at the top of the right window pane. The image will also be accessible through the directory, which you uploaded it to.