Story Types


A Brief story offers the opportunity to create some "brief" introduction text and an automated "read more" link for the full story.

To add a Brief story follow these steps:

  1. Click the Newstory Create Story icon.
  2. In the Story toolbar, change the story type to "Brief".
  3. Insert the entire content into the story.  Ensure that the story heading is "Heading 1".
  4. Highlight and copy the area of text you want as your brief story.
  5. Insert a unlink Horizontal rule where you want the end of the brief part to finish, and paste your selected text immediately after it. You can then make any changes to the story content as you wish.
  6. Save the story Save.

Please note that the "read more" link to the full story and the "back" link are automatically generated.

See a working example below:

Easter Specials

We have many Easter specials coming up this month which are designed to make your mouth water. The ingredients that go into these delicacies are age old secrets that we would love to share with you to keep them alive!