Logging In

Once you have logged into the website administration, within the administration links you will find a link to either "EMS" or "Email Management System". 

EMS interface


When you hover on any of the icons, it will provide you with text as to what each means.  In the above screenshot, numbers have been added for the purpose of explaining their function in full (below).

1. Reporting
Clicking on this provides you with statistics on all newsletter that have ever been sent. More Info

2. Email Preview
This opens a new tab and shows the email as it will appear in the recipient's inbox.

3. Edit Email
This is the current screen used for content editing of the newsletter.

4. Download list
This will download the entire recipient list as an excel spreadsheet.  It will include all those who have unsubscribed and all that have a bad email address (sent three times in a row and returned as not being able to be delivered).  

5. Add a recipient
You can manually add recipients via a form interface.  Ensure that they have agreed to be added first!

6. Help
This will take you to the NZIS support pages (these pages!).

7. Choose recipients.....send
If you have filtering options available, this allows you to restrict sending only to those you wish to.

8. Send HTML Test Email
This allows you to check your HTML newsletter before sending to your list, to ensure that it looks like what you expect it to and check the links etc.

9. Send ACII Test Email
This allows you to check your ASCII newsletter (plain text without images) before sending to your list.

10. Resume Send to List
Sending your newsletter will normally take just a few seconds. On the extremely rare occassion the sending of a newsletter will get stuck, you can click on this to re-start the send.

New Subject / Template

If you update the subject, or choose an alternative template in the dropbox, you MUST click on the "Change" button.  If you don't, the subject or template will not be updated.


You can find and/or update a recipient's details by typing in a partial name or email address.  This will return a list.  You can then click on the email address of the recipient you want to update.  When you're finished, click the blue "Submit" button at the bottom.